Just sitting in the ivy.

Quite puppyish here.

Our dog, 9/2000 - 11/2007.

Agape came home from the shelter yesterday (6 September, 2000) and is practically house-broken, although she's only (roughly) 9 weeks old. At the vet today we learned nothing more about her mix, only "some shepard, perhaps St. Bernard, maybe Akita by the curl of the tail..."

The meaning of her name:

Agape: The Greek word for sacrificial and selfless love. It speaks of one soul being bound up with another. It is a love of commitment and true devotion, and also of sacrifice. It's also truly unconditional, given without expectation of return.

June 2004: Agape is doing wonderfully. An 85lb puppy with some developed manners and some unruly impulses. Agape's pick-me-ups: running on the beach, running in the snow, running on mountain trails, and strolls through the Saturday morning Farmer's Market.

May-June 2005: Agape was Erin's ever-present companion at Camp Shyasock; often hovering nearby, or roaming far afield, but always a warm, if space-hogging, tent-mate at night.

April 2006: After a great visit to the Oregon beach with Paul, we realized Agape tore a ligament in her left rear knee. We elected to go in for TPLO surgery. Recovery was tricky for a large and active dog, but Agape put up with our careful handling rather well and in ~eight weeks she was walking and moving pretty well on her own.

January 2007: Agape is two months into chemo treatment for lymphoma. She is doing pretty well though, and the recent snow was a blast to play in. (Without the treatment Agape probably wouldn't have survived to January.)

Sometime this summer (2007) we collected a swab from Agape's cheek and sent it off for DNA/breed analysis. Ha! The results came back stating Agape is supposedly a vague mix of Basset Hound and Rottweiler, and with some additional quantity of Whippet "in the mix". Nonsense. Oh well, we always said Agape was closer to a Tyrollean Mountain Savior Dog, or maybe more likely she is an Oregon Pot-Licker.

November 2007: It has been a great spring, summer, and beginning of the fall for us, but in the end, Agape had terminal lymphoma. The chemo treatment gave her a wonderful extension on life, with sincerely fun excursions like a hike up Marry's Peak to find some snow to run in in late April; playing and lounging in the backyard in sunny May and June; camping out overnight back up at Camp Shyasock in July. Even accompanying a fishing excursion to Three Creeks Lake in August. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together right up through Halloween.
Abruptly, in her last three days Agape went into steep decline, after being pretty healthy for months. She died on the 3rd of November, a year and a few days after originally being diagnosed with cancer. We were blessed with lots of great times together, and happy, welcome November sunshine at the end.

Agape's memorial, six and a half pages, about 240 happy photos in chronological order.

A bit of size comparison.

A sleepy dog, a long day.

Christmas 2004

Agape at Eric's Pond, June 2004

Very big paws.

Quite a growing girl.

Hyper puppy movie (.mpg format)


Aug 2002 - Scot Lake

A Dirty Dog is a Happy Dog

1st day at the beach


Boy and His Dog 2001

2002 snow...

(smelly beached Velella velella)
June 2004

June 2004

Behold Agape's amazing self control!

January 2004

Agape likes cork!