Evan and Erin's 2004 kitchen and house remodel
Week #7


Week #7

The sink is here and occupying its space

An artistic preparation of the underlayment

"I like cork!"

Cork installation, day #1, as lit by overcast natural light

Cork installation, day #1, lit by camera flash (and Erin's brilliant aura)

Chance doesn't really have an opinion about the cork

(No flash, natural lighting)

"What were we thinking?!?"
(A larger faucet than we intended... Lyrics by Christin Lavin)

Crown molding in place

And we even get to keep some significant scrap pieces of lyptus wood.

Weekend observations between Week #7 and Week #8


This is a mockup of what we think the exterior of our house will look like after the painters are finished this coming week. Color: a barely purple blue called Lupine.

A clear photo of the entrance door

Entrance door comparison of before and after