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1) ODOT (Cascades- North Oregon)
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What is was Camp Shysock?

The answer is that back in the summer of 2005 Erin was encamped at her field research location. The now-barren Camp Shyasock was located on the East bank of a little ephemeral pond with no official name in the central Oregon Cascade Mountains. Around the Oregon State Zoology department, 4th and 5th floors of Cordley Hall circa 2004-2006 at any rate, the pond is known as Eric's Pond. Immediately behind Camp Shyasock, to the South-East, is 'Erin's Hill'. Camp Shyasock was inhabited almost continuously by various scientifically minded folks from May 21st through July 9th, 2005.

So, what exactly was going on?

Project Title: "Indirect effects of ultraviolet-B radiation (UV-B) on amphibians: do UV-B irradiated diets affect amphibian larvae life history characteristics and gut length?" Note Erin is running more than one experiment.

And why this location? 

Located in the Oregon Cascades, just ~15 miles from the three 10,000' peaks of Oregon's Three Sisters, the point is high elevation. Eric's Pond is at 6,600' (2,012m) above sea level. Here the atmosphere is thinner and more ultraviolet lights reaches the surface. Imagine quick and easy sunburns. Erin's design/hope is that if amphibian diets are meaningfully affected by increased levels of UV, then this experiment at this location will produce the respective data.

Can I camp out too?

Well, if you want to, sure. The campsite has gone back to nature though. If you head up, let us know what you see. 

Where is this place again?

A little off the beaten (or tire-rutted) track. See the maps and images below:

Special thanks to Betsy and Rob for all their help 'moving in' on the 21st and 22nd of May 2005. They really put in a terrific effort hauling hundreds of pounds of gear and food up through snow and rainy weather. You guys rock.