We failed to keep this column up and going, eh? Peter flew straight into toddlerhood in 2009.


Peter's been gumming apples, green beans and celery. He also "drinks" water from a glass rather well. So the Tripp Trapp high chair from the TX clan is now in play and it's wonderful. Peter is also working on sitting up by himself.

Notes Thanksgiving'08

It's Autumn now, and Erin, Evan and Peter shared a quiet Thanksgiving in Corvallis. Chilly day, and we stayed inside mostly, hanging a flying chair for Peter's enjoyment and just relaxing. Thanksgiving dinner was a roasted Tofurkey with potatoes and yams, with sides of sauteed squash and gravy.

Notes 16-18 July'08

Peter was born at 1:08pm, Wednesday the 16th on a perfect sunny Oregon July summer day. The whole process, logistics, handling and care were professional and comfortable. Our collected thoughts will be coming soon.

Notes 4 July'08

Relaxing three-day weekend, bookshelves in, nursery ready, enjoyed some movies (WALL-E is great!) and cooking a lot to freeze for later.


Archive #01 - Peter

From before Peter was born through about 18mos old, December 2009.


December and Christmas 2009

Some late December videos: Peter riding his new giraffe/horsie from Nancy, Christmas morning, opening his present of a watch, and a visit from the local wild turkeys.


A photoset from December -- Peter's new toddler bed (used for naps), playing in the back-yard, Christmas morning, Boxing-Day frost and various birds, and a couple new animal friends from Mamu and Paul.

November fun with the Vacuum 2009

A video from November - fun with the vacuum.


November 2009 Extra

A short video of Peter climbing on the new playset in the backyard, and a few extra images, including a new photo from Peter's baptism in April, a new one from July 2009, and a few of Peter's new playset.

November 2009

 Photos from the Oregon Zoo and other outings, including a visit from Jerry and Ken, November 2009.


September and October 2009

 A batch of photos from late September and October. Just growing up...


Berry Pickin' and more...

thm thm
 A batch of photos from late August '09. Mostly just fun and games and some blueberry picking.


Walkin Talkin Rootin Tootin Videos


(Prewalking... this is the earliest
of the four videos, from ~late July)

Summer 09

 August Travels to Texas and North Carolina

 Peter's Birthday/Tie-Dye Party, the weekend before his birthday.
 July in Oregon, and RAIN? Like THIS? Oh well, still plenty of fun.

 A trip to the Oregon Coast Tidepools.
 Very low tide and lots of new sites and sounds for Peter to take in. June.


Wagon Pushing

June 9th - Peter pushing his wagon around. He is even quicker now, a week later.

Push that wagon!

Dinner Conversation

A video with which to start off June

Chatting at dinner, May 27th


Peter's baptism, family and TX visits - April-May '09

Peter had many family visitors in Oregon for his baptism (more pictures have been added on that page). Following the salvation of his immortal soul, we flew into the heart of swine flu in TX (and survived). And upon dumping all photos from all cameras, including phone cameras, we've come up with a yet-to-be-seen montage of Peter through the ages (all whopping 10 months). Enjoy.

Some videos from Texas:

Peter with Mamu

Bath Time

Ocean Time I

Ocean Time II

Ocean Time III

Passel of Videos

Spring'09 short videos.

March 1st - Drinking at dinner

March 5th - Noodles at dinner

March 25th - Playing with pots

March 25th - More playing with pots

April 1st - Belly Crawling

April 10th - Now real crawling

Early April '09

Peter's play, visit to HP, and attired in Yai Yai's smocked jumper.

Late Feb to Early March '09

Witness Peter's burgeoning motor skills coinciding with his developing appreciation for haute cuisine. Or not.

And he got a visit from Granddad's Ken & Jerry.

February '09

A diverse assortment of early February photography. Includes a colorful castle Erin & Evan (aka Mama & Dada) built around Peter in order to properly introduce him to the Bremen Musicians & proper defenses such as portcullises. And check out the stylin' Carhartts Peter is sporting ~ from Grandpa's Jerry & Ken. You could throw that kid in the briar patch, and he'd emerge unscathed wearing those overalls.

Late-January '09

Peter's been eating more diverse and messy, yet usually fun foods. And he's starting to become acquainted with swimming. Picts here.

And video from 24 Jan:

  Peter Swimming thumb-nail


Early-January '09

A picture to start the year off.

 Picture of Peter looking too doll-like!

Here's a set of photos showing Peter's first culinary forays, developing ability to sit upright (and subsequent transition to grocery cart thanks to Mamu's awesome cart-be-safe insert), and a wonderful 6 month celebration featuring memorable neighborhood camaraderie, half a birthday cake complete with half a candle and half a birthday song (not pictured).

December '08

Two sets: set of photographs from Grandmother Kathy's snowy visit in early/mid December, and these additional photos from Dec 19th (*more* snow!) through the 26th, including the Christmas visit from Grandmama Polly (A.K.A. Grand PooBah) and Granddad David.

A short video of contagious grandmother laughter.

Peter & Thanksgiving Weekend

A set of photographs of some of Peter's best faces and shenanigans during Thanksgiving weekend. Peter Skypes with Uncle Paul, plays the bells (w/ his feet), & Stands Tall on Bald Hill.

Peter at about four-and-a-half Months

A set of photographs of or trip to Texas to visit Mamu Polly and David, and photos ranging generally from Peter's two-month mark through Thanksgiving, about four and a half months.

Peter at Two Months

A set of photographs from Polly and Paul's visit, and generally from Peter's week #2 through about week #8.

Some Videos

A few three-minute videos.

17 August 2008

19 August 2008

13 September 2008

Peter is born: 16 July 2008

Some pictures from Peter's birthday.



An image sequence of Erin's bulging belly, from Peter's week #12 through week #39. In the second-to-last image, the red line on Erin's belly is irritation from surgical tape. The actual incision is lower. The linked-to video file is in the Quicktime-compressed MPEG-4 (.mp4) video format, with a little audio.


Jerry's visit

Erin's dad Jerry visited for a week, July 8th-15th. He and Erin really transformed the carport storage room into a shop/storage-room, and we fixed up some dying too.


The ongoing adventure of pregnancy

5 July, 37.5 weeks along, and we start to feel like Erin is a ticking time-bomb.


Those "Hey, don't I get any privacy?!" shots from weeks and months ago.


Some early dry-runs with diapering:

Practicing on 'Baby John':

Advanced practice on moving targets:

Car Seats

Man, these things are complicated! (Erin says: not as complicated as the strap-to-your-back/front/side baby carrier though... that thing came with a DVD for help!) We think we figured out what we need in terms of car-seats in order to be allowed to leave the hospital with the baby. Again, Baby John is sitting in for Peter.

Nursery Build-out through Time

A page of photos of the Ph.D. office/Agape's-room transformed into the nursery.

Baby Shower

Picts from the "virtual" baby-shower (last row, after four rows of Columbia-river sturgeon fishing photos)