Yes, we have three distinct allergen contributors. Chance - the ~1/4 Siamese born in Texas in 1997, Sasquatch - who was born in Oregon in 2000, and Sherlock - the gray male born in Oregon in 2002.

Spoiled cats: their new outside cat-enclosure (July 2007).

Chance: A.K.A. "Lap Pirate", A.K.A. Blinky, A.K.A. Spaz
Sasquatch: A.K.A. "Buddhabelly" A.K.A. "Slim" A.K.A. "Fatso" A.K.A. "Storge"
Sherlock: A.K.A. Trouble, with catitude, the "Ball-less Wonder", A.K.A. bad boy